What’s On Your Refrigerator??

I am STILL working on the Audrey sleeves.  Go back a few posts; it looks just like the other one.  Not very exciting, I realize.  I actually don’t experience the “dreaded second sleeve” syndrome.  I’ve found that I’m quite capable of screwing up knitting exactly the same thing twice.  This keeps me alert and interested.  The same thing happens with socks.   Between my aging memory, my slow knitting speed, and my tendency not to keep track of changes I’ve made in the pattern along the way, the second one of the pair is like a new knitting project.

We were in the kitchen cooking dinner just a minute ago.  We are making a great French beef stew that is stewing, as we speak.  This involved flaming the beef in the saute pan with cognac.  Let me tell you, you just should not do this after a glass or two of wine.  I could market this as a way to get rid of facial hair.  I haven’t actually checked to see if I have eyebrows left.

Anyway, I was thinking that my refrigerator door surely must be unique.  I’m posting a few pictures in hopes that this will inspire the rest of you to do the same.  If you are of the Republican persuasion, you might as well just not look; this might annoy you more than it’s worth.

Here is a shot of the whole frig:


And a close-up of one corner; what can I say, my family knows me well:


And my favorite section:


What’s on your refrigerator??

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What’s On Your Refrigerator?? — 9 Comments

  1. CAn you belive there is NOTHING on my refrigerator. Of course, this is because it is not metal and can’t hold a magnet. 🙁

  2. On my Refrigerator door… a Calendar to keep track of SCA events, Times when my brother and his wife will be out of town and when Mom or I have Dr’s appointments…. and my schedule for work… with all the days and weekends that I am on call highlighted in yellow.
    Those are the main things… other things are a collection of Mom’s magnets with the occassional note stuck under them and a little ceramic pouch thing filled with scrap paper and a pen for making more notes.

  3. Mine looks amazingly like yours, even down to Dressing David’s HOT HUNKY shorts (that my daughter-with-her-Dad’s-sense-of-humor keeps taking off him). We don’t have Dressing Venus, if that’s what those Vanna-type clothes are for. And I don’t have Dubya on there, either. Don’t think I’ll run out and get ‘im, either, but it is funny envisioning him as a transvestite. Heeeeeee!

  4. Nothing on my refrig ’cause it’s panelled in wood. The next house comes with a stainless steel one. Bring on the magnets!

  5. Love it! Mine has one lonely (and very cheesy) bear magnet that was made by my mother – it says “You Are Beary Special”.
    I’m enjoying your blog!

  6. I could just copy your photo for my fridge because the look identical. . .except I could not abide a pic of W–I would completely lose my appetite.
    Perhaps I’ve stumbled across a new diet plan?

  7. I love your refrigerator! My Mom used to put tons of things on the fridge so it reminds me of home. Mine is pretty sparse with mainly pictures and a few magnets.

  8. What fun to share refrigerator door stuff! Great idea!
    Our refrigerator has a pix of W smirking from a May 9 newspaper article … headline on top of the pix: “Intellectual Agility” … Underneath the photo it says:”Believer: President Bush’s ‘I believe what I believe is right’ mantra appeals to voters who like certainty.”
    Also on the door is a “BAD REPORTER” cartoon by Don Asmussen with several fun headlines….best ones imo are “The Lies Behind The Truth, and The Truth Behind Those Lies That Are Behind The Truth” … and … “Bush Accidentally Blows Up Earth, Kerry Still Trails in Polls” … “But Bush says U.S. Would Be Even More Blowed Up with Kerry.” …. and … “U.S. Invaded, Taken Over By Al Queda — Kerry Still Lags Behind Bush” … “Sensing an opportunity, a captured Bush says the U.S. Would be even more defeated if Kerry were in charge.”
    There’s also some photos of camping trips, special friends, family, some magnetic business cards of services we use a lot, and a list of 11 food groups that best fit my South Beach diet.