What’s Playing At Your House?

OK, I admit it. This is a “filler” post, one of those things you put up when you’ve got nothing in the knitting department. I’m knitting the same stuff, the only thing that I’ve made any big progress on is a gift, and it’s mostly Shocking Pink Garter Stitch, anyway, so photos really wouldn’t help.

John and I are trying to do a gradual dredging out of all the crap in this house. We’ve been making progress in weeding through the gazillion books around here. Anything that’s already been read is going, and anything that we both look at and shake our heads at goes as well. The music collection is the next frontier. We have a bazillion (is that more than a gazillion or less?) CDs also. We finally have our home music system set up so we play music from ITunes straight to the stereo system, so there really is no need to keep the actual CDs once they are burned to the computer.

As part of this, the whole CD collection is in paper bags sitting next to my computer, and every time I’m up here, I burn a few of them to the hard drive. It’s a pretty eclectic collection, even I must say. One of the things I discovered recently is that you can sort your music by how many times each song has been played. Here are my top 10 or so played songs.

1. Memories Are Made of This, by Dean Martin

2. Set ’em Up Joe, by Vern Gosdin (I know I’ve mentioned him before, the greatest country singer of all time)

3. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, by the Andrews Sisters

4. If Wishing Made It So, by the Subdudes

5. It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere, by Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett

6. Cuando me enamoro, by Andrea Bocelli

7. I’m Gonna Be Strong, by Buddy Miller

8. Blues Stay Away From Me, by Jorma Kaukonen

9. Blue Moon, by the Mavericks

10. Smoking Panatelas On the Blue Mediterranean Sea, by the Aqua Velvets

11. Running From Mercy, by Rickie Lee Jones

12. Bird On A Wire, by Leonard Cohen

There you have it. Speaking of the Mavericks, we’re headed to the big city today to hear Raul Malo perform at the Tractor Tavern tonight. Here’s a video of him singing Let It Be Me.

And another one of him singing Blue Moon, with the Mavericks.

I’m pretty sure that I’m going to enjoy it. I’ll report back next time. What’s on your playlist?


What’s Playing At Your House? — 13 Comments

  1. great play list!
    and hopefully you are making a back up to your piles of music burned onto the computer… whatever would you do if it crashed? (gack.. perish the thought)
    Have a grand time tonight. what an incredible voice he has.

  2. Second the advice to back up your songs, perhaps on a spare external hard drive — they do take up a lot of space.

    You and I might have a hard time agreeing on music. My taste runs more to hard rock. Although that Blue Moon sounds a lot like Chris Izaak, who IS in my playlist.

  3. What a velvet voice! I KNOW you will have a great time!

    My playlist has been converted to all Christmas music…right now I’m listening to “Noel” by The Priests,. It’s a soft, gentle approach to popular carols and I often listen as I go to sleep. I know…I’m a sucker for the Season! LOL

  4. Good for you. I’ve been going through stuff too. Back in the summer time I had a trunk load of books that we donated.

    Been trying to burn more CDs to my iPhone too. I usually drive with it on shuffle but now have grown tired of the same songs popping up. Have also borrowed several really good CDs from the library to burn too.

  5. Cracks me up! I, too, have a paper bag of CDs – AND two shoeboxes of cassette tapes – next to my computer. Seems like it’s taking forever to get them into the computer. I really wish technology would slow down long enough for me to get caught up!

  6. Must be something in the air. I gathered up the National Geographic mags that have been piling up on our table in the family room. My DH said, oh there are only mags from the current year, and I told him, well then there should only be 11 as we are in the 11th month. Aahaa, there were books back to 2004 in the pile. He has every copy of NG since he started subscriping too, which was in 1962, but they are somewhere else, thank goodness.

    As to your music, like your selections. Let’s see I did have in the 5 cd player, Gypsy Kings, Dixie Chicks, Jack Johnson, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, however, right now is Christmas music of Dean Martin, Anne Murray, Tony Bennett, Michael Buele, Nat King Cole. My darling GD and I have been singing Xmas songs for the past week. When the other grandparents picked her up to take her home to Mom/Dad, she sang to them all the songs we had been singing…..

  7. Am I the only person in the world with a turntable? I keep looking at the records and CDs, but can’t bear to part with them.

    Aw, go ahead. Click on the little links. It can’t hurt to just look ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Well, you know how I am the decrapification queen – although it seems that what doesn’t go must multiply, because there is always more to go through.

    So, as far as playlists go…I have a bazillion CDs myself, but I tend to listen to Pandora when I am on my computer or somewhere with my iPad. If in the car, I have XM radio – so, I don’t have an iTunes collection.

    Right now, my favorite “station” on Pandora is Evanescence. In the car, it’s the Holly channel. Oh – in the den, on the tv, it’s the Holly channel or the Light Classical channel.

    Maybe, 2011 will be the Year of Decollecting. (I have plenty of collections to “de.”)

  9. HEY! What about that one jazz band we saw – Put your False teeth in or whatever it was called! ; ) I probably should purge, too… I just love my books and CDs too much.

    RIght now, all my top ten songs would be Christmas music! I <3 Christmas music!

  10. I’ve been trying to clear out old things too–for potential sale on eBay or donations. (Most of the books have been given to our local library for their fund-raising sales.) But in my case, it is stacks of vinyl records that have to go. I got myself one of those turntables that is supposed to convert the vinyl to mp3 files, but so far not much has been done on that front. Perhaps there’s a New Year’s resolution lurking here.