Wonky Stitches

I said I wouldn’t show a picture of John’s Sweater until I got to the front shoulders, but this is just to prove I actually have been working on it.


I was worried that I was going to run out of yarn on this project, but I think I’ll make it with a skein of each color to spare.  Now that I don’t have that to worry about, I’m finding new things to fret over.  Like seaming.  I have learned a few things since I started this sweater…I began this about four years ago, right after I had learned to knit and purl.  I didn’t have a clue about selvedge stitches, which would make seaming this thing a lot easier given the slip stitch pattern.  When I did the fuschia baby sweater, I put a selvedge stitch edge on it because of the eyelet pattern.  It made seaming much easier.

I have gotton a bit bored with this, so for relief I did some knitting on this:


This is where the wonky stitches come in.  The back is knit straight up until you get to the raglan decreases for the sleeves.  The pattern calls for a K3tog on the right edge of the sweater, and a sl1, K2tog, psso decrease on the left edge.  I ripped this sucker out twice last night because it looked like this:


I think this is a combination of which decrease is going on which side, and the bulky nature of the yarn.  After the first rip out, I tried the left side decrease with a slip 2 knitwise, knit one, pass the slip stitch over decrease.  It looked just as bad.  The K3tog on the other side wasn’t bad, but just looked messy.  So I switched them.   It makes more sense to me to put the left-leaning decrease (the slip-knit-pass decrease) on the right garment edge, and the K3tog on the other side.  I’ve only got 2 sets of the decreases done, but I think it will look a little neater.  I hope so, the yarn is starting to get a bit on the fuzzed up side from ripping and re-knitting.

I finally found a picture of what this is supposed to eventually look like:


Except, of course, blue.  I’m not sure I like the sleeves either but will knit them and see.  What’s with the down-to-the-fingertips sleeves on every published pattern these days?  These girls must never eat.

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