Yarn Chicken

I am nearing the end of this shawl. This is 22 Little Clouds, and I'm making it in that cashmere yarn hand spun in Afghanistan. Obviously I want to use every bit of this lovely stuff possible.

The shawl is an elongated triangle shape, with a ruffle border. The instructions say to save 25% of the yarn for the ruffle and bind off. The ruffle section starts by doubling the stitches on the needles, so I have about 600 stitches per row. I have two rows left, and then the bind off, which will eat yarn like crazy. My last row used about 6 grams, and I have 38 grams left.

So I'm trying to decide if I'll have enough to do FOUR more rows before the bind off instead of two. That really would be playing yarn chicken, I think, and having to undo most of a 600 stitch bind off if I'm wrong would take more whisky than I probably have in the house.

Stay tuned.



Yarn Chicken — 4 Comments

  1. Glad to find another knitter living on the edge! I just ended up with 4″ of yarn left on a project when I bound off-whew-just enough to sew in. A nice pinot grigio was involved in the celebration!!