You Guessed It…

More Pictures!

This handy landmark stands right at the harbor in Barcelona. Good old Chris pointed the way back to our ship so we didn’t get lost while wandering the city. Unfortunately, the main problem with cruises is that you don’t get to spend much time in any one city. Of all the stops on the trip, Barcelona was one of the places that I would love to revisit.



While wandering the warren of city streets, we found these cool guys.


We did the required ramble down the main pedestrian walkway, La Rambla. This is not for the claustrophobic, or for those paranoid about pickpockets.



The next day (we spent the night in harbor on the ship), we went back into the city for a cooking class. There were a dozen of us that learned how to make gazpacho, potato tortilla, and paella, as well as a custard dessert. Here’s John showing off in the kitchen.


And the finished paella. If it seems like none of us look very excited in this photo, we’d already eaten two courses, and had several glasses of wine.


Back on the ship, I’d been on vacation long enough to have to wash socks. Fortunately, there was a clothesline in our bathroom.


And sunset as we sailed back out into the Mediterranean.


On to knitting content. The buttons came! And the neckband is finished!




Finally, you can actually see them.


Here’s where you all can help. Vote on which ones you like better. I’m partial to the middle one, though those sharp little edges aren’t going to work very well with the buttonholes I made. So which is it, the pearl ones, or the gold roses?

Edited later: I removed the poll, as it was screwing with my blog colors. If you’re reading this after the fact, the antique rose buttons won, by a landslide.

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You Guessed It… — 19 Comments

  1. Lovely sweater, and lovely Barcelona — best vacation of my life was there. I like the middle buttons best, too, but if you can’t use ’em, you can’t, and in that case I vote for the roses. I like the color better with the sweater than the pearl.

  2. What fabulous photos of Barcelona!! I recognized all of them, but not the cooking class! What fun to have taken a cooking class. Barcelona is great fun to visit for a longer period of time! Did you check out Santa Maria del Mar? A gorgeous large church not far from the Ramblas.
    Your sweater is very lovely! I vote for the pearl buttons! I’m a traditionalist.

  3. I’m hoping that you at least had the chance to check out one of Barcelona’s most famous landmarks – La Sagrada Familia. When DH and I were there several years ago we actually attended Mass although we didn’t understand much. Overall, though, we weren’t terribly impressed with Barcelona which is kind of funny because almost everyone we meet loves that city!

  4. I loved the transcontinental sock – a true knitter hand washes her socks no matter what, no matter where! 🙂
    The sweater is gorgeous, love the gold roses best of the three!

  5. That sunset is beautiful! I voted for the pearl buttons, but to tell the truth I like them both. The pearl buttons stand out more and would be a design feature, but very classy. The rose ones meld more into the sweater and so don’t stand out, letting the sweater shine a little more. I honestly don’t think you could go wrong with either.

  6. I so enjoyed seeing your photos of Barcelona. I’m reading a book that is set in that city, and it was nice to see the Christopher Columbus monument as well as the city scenes. Makes the book come alive a bit more. Looks like you had a fabulous trip!

  7. Love that sunset. The socks are wonderful. I would not be happy taking that many for fear of airline loss.
    I’m a less contrast kinda girl. So roses win for me.

  8. Your pictures make me feel as though I were there…it looks like a slice of heaven. Speaking of that, your sweater is delicious! I love the flowers, but I like the contrast of the pearls with the color…
    I don’t think you can lose with either!

  9. That looks like one fabulous vacation! Gotta love a place that points you in the right direction. I’ll be looking forward to your button choice, that is one beautiful sweater.

  10. Looks like the gold roses are winning…so far anyway.
    I’ve enjoyed all the beautiful pictures you’ve been posting.

  11. Everything is beautiful! I just love your vacation pictures! My husband always loved pulling into Barcalona when he was doing deployments from the Eastcoast…

  12. Oh everything looks so lovely, how amazing it must be see so many things. I just am in awe of the history of Europe and Asia. We have history here too, but not like there.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures, I like visiting places vicariously through others.