You Guys Are A Big Help

OK, most of you said “rip that sucker and knit it over on the smaller needles”.  One or two said “leave it the way it is”. One person said “I’d use a LARGER needle”.

And a few basically said “who cares, do whatever you like”.

Damn. I ended up taking the smaller needle and knitting a real swatch. When I started this, I knitted a few repeats of the center of the lace pattern, decided I liked it, and knit away. I never really did finish a “proper” swatch, with washing and everything. I should really know better, especially with this yarn. It has a bit of a fuzzy finish, and it is mohair, so it’s very different from other lace yarns I’ve used.


Ignore the fact that the pattern is a bit off. I just did the center repeat section, and in the real entire lace chart, there are rows where that repeat borrows a stitch across markers across the row, so it doesn’t line up exactly in the swatch. But washing it and pinning it out, even in a “down and dirty” fashion, did even it out a lot. Also, this mohair doesn’t behave the way merino would, not surprisingly. It doesn’t hold the blocking the same way, so those holes collapse a bit when it’s unpinned.

I’ll wait till it dries to decide, but I’m thinking the lighter, “holier” look is going to work better with this yarn. I’m glad I didn’t rip, at least not yet.

Knitting is such an adventure!

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You Guys Are A Big Help — 5 Comments

  1. I find my alpaca lace yarn uses a smaller needle than my usual merino lace.

  2. OK. I think I’m officially confused here. Is this new swatch made with the smaller needles? Then it’s the same as the small-needle swatch in your previous post. Or is it done with the larger needles, of which you never washed and blocked a swatch. If it’s the former, then I stick with my suggestion to go with smaller needles. If it’s the latter, I will have to switch my decision and agree with you that the looser, holier version is better. In other words, I like this swatch the best of any you showed the last time.

    Now, are you confused, too?

  3. Just finished a mohair project with a minimal lace edging. Luckily it won’t require blocking. Good luck to you on your decision making.