For Claudia, because she asked so nicely. And doesn’t everybody knit on the beach? I’m off to bed. Tomorrow we’re headed to see the sights at Pearl Harbor, so I need a good night’s sleep! … Continue reading

Sit Back & Relax,

…this will be a long post full of fun and adventure! Get yourself a cup of tea, or maybe something stronger. But first, a Lucy picture, because you can’t have enough silly cat photos. Let’s all hear it, “awwwww”. Her … Continue reading

O, Canada!

I know, I know, I’m a little late for the big holiday up north. I was working, dammit, and didn’t get time to post pictures this past week. Here, however, are the long-awaited photos of our road trip to Canada. … Continue reading

On Vacation

We are still on our road trip, and in true "Lorette" fashion, I packed the car full of everything you could imagine. Books, yarn, enough clothing and wine to last us weeks, etc. Everything except for the camera cord, so … Continue reading